Built in Zero Trust technology.

Get all in one security
without the need for additional products.

Security is at the heart of every technology decision. We live and breathe security.

Apexo delivers the highest level of security right out-of-the-box. No need for additional products to make your virtual desktops secure.
Let's take your workspace security to the next level.

Security features -  all you need.

Encrypted transmission.

We support 256 bit TLS / AES encryption with active fingerprint matching between server and client. Therefore a man-in-the-middle attack (MITM) is made impossible. Your communication ist secure.


The rest of the industry talks about multi-tenancy. This helps you to separate workloads of 100 users against each other with a lot of overhead. tocario micro-tenancy allows you to strictly separate workloads of only one desktop against each other.


In Network security Zero Trust is based on the principle of "never trust, always verify". Our micro-segmentation of Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows you to give the right access to workspaces to the right people, at the right time and location.

Sandboxing vLANs.

Every (Micro) tenant is strictly separated against the other ones. No need to lock down Windows to keep the information of a workspace secure.

Conditional access.

Grant and revoke access rights for users and workspaces based on time, IP address and location and access device fingerprints. You decide when, where and how your desktops can be accessed.

Peripheral limitations.

Your users are using connected peripheral hardware for their work. You can decide which type of hardware is allowed or denied. Even the hardware class can be defined. Allow USB dongles, but deny USB mass storage.

HDD encryption.

Apexo's architecture sits on the infrastructure level. Therefore you can natively encrypt your virtual hard disk with any hdd encryption tool. This is the highest level of workspace security you will find in the industry today.

Two factor authentication.

Apexo brings multiple methods of two factor authentication right out of the box. The initial package comes with implementaitons for smartcards, message, or OATH methodologies. Combine it with Single Sign On (SSO) and you have all you need.

Built in VPN.

You might already have your VPN technology. But if you need a fast and highly secure VPN access, we provide you with an OPen VPN right out of the box. Connect your servers easily to your workspaces.

EDR analysis.

Use Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools to detect security threats by unauthorized user behaviour fast. Apexo allows you to connect your EDR directly to the vPC hardware.

Business continuity.

Apexo is pre-configured for regularly backing up your systems. Once enabled, encryption viruses, loss of data and workspaces are a problem of the past.

High availability HCI.

Apexo is a Hyper-converged Desktop Infrastructure. You can also opt for a 3 Tier installation. What ever setup you choose the cluster setup will ensure high availability for your whole workspace setup.

IAM and IDaaS.

Apexo brings its own on-board Identity and Access management which supports the highest security standards. If you already have an Active Directory or IDaaS in place just connect it to the system.

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