Turnkey technology for Desktops-as-a-Service

Apexo includes everything you need to run
VDI, Cloud WorkSpaces or Desktop-as-a-Service

The full-featured, turnkey solution stack

Fully integrated Technology

Access and Manage
all Layers through
one single Technology.
No 3rd Party licenses needed.

Access Stack
Webform request tool integrated (for instant trials, and self-service), Multi-level Multi Tenancy, Authentication & Encryption
Access: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Anrdoid, HTML5

Management Stack
Web Portal or full API Access, Self Service Portal for customers, User Rights and Access Management,
White Labeled Tenants, Plugs into existing Desktop Management

Cloud Stack
IaaS Technology for Virtual Desktops, Infrastructure Automation, Cloud Management,
Infrastructure Efficiencies, Individual Data Encryption

We build Virtual PC Hardware instead of accessing virtualized Operating Systems.

  • Communication & Connection to application sitting in OS
  • Terminal Services have a shared OS
  • Only certified OS – No Legacy OS or Applications supported
  • No Hardware based security features available
  • “Multi”-tenancy from minimum 50 Desktops
  • Limited Self Service capabilities
  • Expensive to run and license – 3rd Party side licenses needed
  • Real-time Communication & Connection to VPC
  • Allows installation of any x86 OS as Cloud WorkSpace
  • Reuse of existing Management and Administration Tools
  • Fully scalable multi tenancy from just ONE Desktop
  • Built in Hardware Efficiencies and deduplication
  • Architecture influences Licensing TCO
  • Build modular Products and Services based on one Technology & License
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