Tradition meets modernism- the power of change

This year marked the 10 year jubileum of the Familienunternehmer Konferenz in Stuttgart.

The focus has turned to “Tradition meets modernism, the power of change” as in the the old and new coming together for a brighter future. Change is the driver of business and a constant challenge for established companies. Representatives of international family enterprises talked about how their businesses master the challenges of the 21st century to keep the competitive advantage.

In a panel discussion experts, entrepreneurs and family enterprise leaders exchanged their experience on “Digital revolution and global competition”. Part of the round will be Carsten Unnerstall, CEO of tocario, Fabian Henrichsen, CEO of Henrichsen AG, Günther H. Oettinger, EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Business, Martina Koederitz, Managing Director of IBM Germany and Ulrich Dietz, Chairman of the GFT Group.

“This year is a defining year for tocario as our new releases are changing the workspace landscape and consequently will enable our customers to stay ahead of the competition.
We are honored to be part of this discussion. It shows that every business from traditional international corporations to High-tech start-ups, have one thought in common – simplicity and efficiency,” stated tocario CEO, Carsten Unnerstall.

UPDATE: event recap and video from our found on the future of digitalisation can be found on the link below.


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