This is how Virtual Desktops Revolutionize Training

Cloud desktops give companies and departments completely new ways to deliver and revolutionize training.

So far, laptops have often been sent all over the globe to offer on-premise training to the customer. Today, a terminal service with Internet access and a current browser is enough for the trainee to log in to his training stop. The lecturer and trainees do not even have to be in the same location.

Unlike Terminal Services, for virtual desktops, the student has full access to their desktop with all rights. This makes installation and admin training a huge advantage. By using the screen-sharing feature, the lecturer can share his desktop with the participants, who in turn share theirs. After a training session, the desktops can be wiped clean in minutes and are available for new training.

Not only can the administrative burden on IT and training departments be significantly reduced, but the initial overhead of virtual desktops is also small compared to traditional training hardware.

Modern training facilities must open up to the customer’s requirements of “anywhere and at any time”. Virtual desktops can make a valuable contribution here and ultimately revolutionize training as we know it.

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