trueDaaS for Private Clouds & Enterprise IT

Build a fully automated, self service optimized, highly secure virtual Desktop Solution to simply serve your internal and external users.

Simplified Virtual Desktops and Digital Workspaces out of the box

trueDaaS enables you to build an “Amazon Workspaces” like service in your own data center.

If you already are looking for an alternative to VDI or terminal services based on  Citrix or VMware, trueDaaS offers you the best private cloud technology in the market optimized for ease of administration and usability.

Our technology gives you a heads start into offering private clouds with a lot of business advantages.

Cost advantage

Achieve enormous consolidation and cost reduction potential by offering a private desktops-as-a-service solution.

Discover and develop new ares of usage with the roll out of non-persistant desktop pools to your users. Build high security or license pools with sandboxed technologies.

The pay-as-you-grow license model makes it easy to control costs and determine internal  cost allocation.

Administration advantage

Automation, multi-tenancy and integrated self-service tools make allocating even just one desktop to a department a piece of cake.

Start addressing new workloads. The unique anyOS feature opens up new use cases and opportunities.

The intelligent white labelling feature enable you to customize the solution for departments and extend it to partners.

Technical advantage

tocario trueDaaS gives you the most secure virtual desktop technology available today.  Security engineered in Germany.

With reduced hardware needs and built in de-duplication technologies you are able to host more desktops and users per server.

With the easy and fully automated management pane (or API) you will be able to easily manage more users, departments and virtual desktops than with any other desktop-as-a-service solution.

Digital Workspace use cases with trueDaaS

Flexible Infrastructure
Flexible & mobile client computing
Native software in the cloud
Branch Office & Home Office
Software demonstration & Software support
Virtual Desktop outsourcing
Team collaboration
Software sales & Software training
DevOps for Software Test & Development
Cross office and cross device license sharing
Freelancers, temporary employees, students
Legacy applications in the cloud
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