Your workspaces.
Your servers.

Simple as cloud. Secure like on-premise.

Build a Desktop and Workspace infrastructure in your own data center.Choose between Hyper-converged and classical 3 tier.

Run, manage and pay your Apexo workspaces like a cloud service. Highly secure in your own walls.
The future is cloud, hybrid... as you need it.

On-premise.   Simple as cloud.

  • Decide if you want to run Apexo in Hyper-converged mode or as a 3 tier (server, storage, network).
  • If you want to have a simple test and pilot just use the HCI mode with one single x86 Server.
  • Download Apexo and install it onto your infrastructure.
  • Run your tests and pilots for free with up to nine workspaces.
  • Go into production by hitting the switch.
  • Enjoy better workspaces.

Deployment options.

Hyper converged desktop infrastructure

Apexo comes as a hyper-converged infrastructure mode that automatically transforms your servers into a HCI cluster for desktop workloads. This setup is also compatible with BareMetal-as-a-Service and composable infrastructure setups from other vendors.

3 tier datacenter setup

If you are already running a 3 tier infrastructure you can install Apexo as a classical setup. Apexo supports any kind of x86 servers, NFS and iSCSI storage. If you are planning to deploy on 3 tier we are happy to help.

Your advantage.

Get going fast.

It's easy to get started. Get to done faster with a guided self-installation process, all-in-one administration tools, user and access management - all out-of-the-box.

Simple management.

Roll-out desktops with applications with the click of a button. Add users, and whole partner or reseller setups within minutes. Use the integrated Image deployment, Identity and Access Management and end-to-end automation to simplify time consuming tasks.

Simple access anywhere.

Grant access to your desktops from anywhere around the globe. Offer simple and secure BYOD and mobility. Allow simple access to your virtual desktops with Smartphones, Chromebooks, Tablets and other mobile devices. Even a simple browser is enough. It just works.

Any x86 Operating System.

Apexo converts any x86 operating system and all applications running on this OS into a virtual desktops that can be accessed from any device or browser. There is no limitation on the age of the OS. Virtualize Windows 98, XP, 7, any Linux, BSD, MacOS or even DOS or OS/2.

Certified security.

Use built-in Micro-tenancy to separate the workloads of environments. All data from the virtual desktops are stored and managed centrally. Compliance, management and usability in one simple package.

Offer self-service.

Help your departments, users and partners help themselves. It's the best way to scale support and administration with limited resources. Add high level automation for roll-outs and start saving time. Use the integrated support view to give support instantly. High-fives all around


The rest of the industry talks about multi-tenancy. This helps you to separate workloads of 100 users against each other with a lot of overhead. tocario micro-tenancy allows you to strictly separate workloads of only one workspace against each other - real security.

Transform your processes.

Test your scenarios fast, easy and free. Add flexibility and security to any kind of workload. Once you scale, enjoy the benefits of our pay-as-you-grow licensing. You can even transform your processes by offering self service to your partners and customers. Let's build the future together.

Business continuity.

Apexo is pre-configured for regularly backing up your systems. Once enabled, encryption viruses, loss of data and workspaces are a problem of the past.

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