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This is the first blog post on a feature rollout. By common demand we will keep you posted on new features of deskMate in the blog as well.

So what’s new? Our team came out of the lab to give you some new cool features on deskMate. As some of our customers still need access to their internal IT resources like a file server, SAP or other services running on internal servers we took up the challenge to connect our cloud hosted desktops with your internal IT infrastructure – seamlessly.

With the new cloud-connection-box your deskMate desktops integrate into your onsite infrastructure as if they were right there with you. The cloud-connection-box is a piece of hardware to enable you to create a network between your deskMate desktops and your local company network. The box acts like an Ethernet switch on both sides giving you access to your internal data and other network resources like printers. This means your data never really leaves your servers. It is like accessing your data from your laptop via VPN.



Hybrid Cloud-connection-box


That’s it: A Virtual Desktop Hybrid Cloud solution out of the box!

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