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Update 27th of November:

Last Friday Carsten acted as one of three workshop speakers at the 5th Unternehmenstag in Herrenberg talking about digital workplaces, coworking and communication in the mobile era. For all interested people who missed the workshop we present Carsten’s presentation here.

18th of November:


The development of technology has changed the way we work today to a high degree. Unfortunately, small and medium businesses often loose time and money, as new technological tools and materials are not integrated in their business models or workflows.

In this context Carsten participates in a workshop with the topic “Digitale Arbeitsplätze, Zusammenarbeit und Kommunikation im mobilen Zeitalter” at the 5th Unternehmenstag in Herrenberg on the 22nd of November. Together with the COO of dozeo, Mark Egert, the issues desktop virtualization and video-conferencing are discussed. Besides the presentation of scenarios, benefits and fields of application related to video-conferencing, it is shown how enterprises meet new challenges in their working environments with the help of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops – always with a clear focus on security, flexibility and cost. Besides this, representing the Public Innovation Agency for ICT and Media, MFG Baden-Württemberg,  Dr. Sami Rabieh talks about grants for enterprises which are interested in the strategical implementation of new working tools and technologies.

We invite all interested people to join the workshop at the 5th Unternehmenstag in Herrenberg by clicking on the following registration link

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