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tocario trueDaaS®

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Experton Group recognizes tocario as Technology Innovator for Cloud Workspaces

Stuttgart, June 11, 2014. The Experton Group awarded Stuttgart IT company tocario as "Cloud Rising Star" last Thursday in the 2014 Cloud Vendor Benchmark. According to this independent study, the company is one of the best and most innovative providers of cloud workplaces in the cloud services market. The 2014 Cloud Vendor Benchmark was published for the 5th time this year; it is a neutral, independent comparison of the most important cloud providers in Germany.

A total of more than 420 providers of cloud technologies, cloud services and cloud transformation services were rated in the Experton Group's latest study and tocario's Desktop-as-a-Service solution achieved inclusion in the new Cloud Workplaces category straightaway. Only twelve national and international providers in this category were identified as market relevant, including the German start-up company tocario which was recognized as a genuine innovator for cloud workplaces according the analysts' verdict. One reason for this is the fact that it is a simple, secure solution that offers several advantages, especially for SMEs. Tocario is therefore regarded as an interesting product challenger that is taking on major international providers.

Its deskMate cloud desktop solution is based on in-house developed, patented “True DaaS Technology” which is optimized for relatively small bandwidths. Additionally, any x86 operating system with all the usual applications can be operated in the cloud – this is a worldwide unique capability. Another advantage is that the service is offered without any minimum order quantity. Customers do not need to make any big upfront investments saving on capital expenditures and desktops can be flexibly added or removed on a monthly basis. The security aspects of the solution, ensured by operation in a certified German data center with additional encryption in accordance with the most exacting technical standards, are other selling points for small and medium-size enterprises. Finally, in contrast to other solutions, customers can repatriate their data and desktops without any problem, thanks to standardized virtualization, and carry on processing them in their own data centers.

"We are very pleased to have been singled out as a rising star. The verdict of the experts confirms our strategy and our technology. This independent view on the market enables interested companies to make decisions with complete peace of mind and allows us, as a young provider, to get noticed even when up against multinational corporations. We may not be as big or have the market strength of other competitors but when it comes to portfolio attractiveness and innovative technology we have managed to successfully position ourselves against bigger global brands," explains Carsten Unnerstall, tocario's CEO.

The Experton Group expects expenditure on cloud technologies to continue to rise. The market is, especially in the cloud workplace area, now evolving and, significant growth can be expected in the next few years with a move away from individual solutions (from the private cloud) towards standardized "pre-packaged" solutions (from the public cloud). In the case of cloud workplaces, a distinction is therefore made between Managed VDI and Desktop-as-a-Service solutions and technologies. This evolution of the market is only just getting started and the offering is still limited. tocario's technology makes it one of the few companies that is able to offer a genuine Desktop-as-a-Service already today.

The Experton Group reports that German companies will spend around €6.6 billion on cloud technologies, cloud services and associated consultancy and integration services - including network services - in 2014.

Cloud market germany 2013-2014

This growth is also driven by a continuing, sustainable trend towards digitizing all business processes and business models across nearly all sectors of business and commerce. Potential customers can find out more and try out tocario's service free of charge without any obligation by going to:

About tocario:
Tocario GmbH has been developing and distributing the latest generation of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) technologies since 2011. The Stuttgart based company is offering DaaS "made in Germany" in the shape of its tocario deskMate solution to small and medium-sized enterprises. This technology (patent pending) makes it possible to deploy any operating system on a virtual desktop in the cloud and is optimized for use with small bandwidths. Data is processed in a German data center that meets the very highest security standards. Since 2014, tocario also offers its technology as a service or as an MSP license to partners who want to get involved in the growing Desktop-as-a-Service market. Further information and a free trial are available at:

About Experton:
The Experton Group is the leading fully integrated research, advisory and consulting company for mid-sized and large organizations, maximizing the business value of their ICT investments through innovative, neutral and independent expert advice. The study gives decision-makers in user companies a detailed, differentiated overview of the most important service and technology providers in the German market.

Press Contact
Communication for Leadership
Dorothée Wischnewski
tel.: +49 (0)6131 / 55 42 889


New at CeBIT 2014: tocario's Desktop-as-a-Service (R)evolution

banner cebit 2014

tocario has developed a cloud-hosted virtual desktop technology specifically designed for use as an automated cloud service. In contrast to the emerging Managed Service and Desktop Outsourcing, the young, Stuttgart-based IT company breaks new ground with an independently operating and scalable desktop infrastructure for enterprise customers and partners. At CeBIT, tocario will be presenting the latest generation of Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD).

The special feature of this technology is its tolerance for all x86 operating systems. This allows any operating system to be realised on the desktop, and all applications and data can be made available online. Companies with so-called legacy environments in particular will benefit from this capability, enabling them to easily virtualise such environments for the first time ever.

Another technological innovation from tocario is the optimised adaptation to accommodate low bandwidths. This allows even external employees in the field or at branch offices to access their virtual desktops without any deterioration in quality. The solution to the bandwidth problem is a tremendous leap in development, leading the way for external usage: "The overriding frustration with today's VDI solutions is the inadequate performance frequently encountered away from the company's main location," explains tocario's CEO, Carsten Unnerstall. This means that the solution is perfectly suited for enterprises and employers who want to effectively integrate external or mobile workers. It is also particularly expedient for use in the home office or for linking up entire branch offices.

tocario makes the deskMate Desktop-as-a-Service solution available to both end customers and partners directly from its own data centres. These are all situated in Germany and are certified with regard to data security and data privacy in compliance with ISO 27001. Partners are able to purchase the rights to use the tocario technology, and to extend it with proprietary software or solutions. Correspondingly, the majority of tocario's customers are enterprises with several operating sites, as well as service and software companies.

By deploying Desktop-as-a-Service solutions, software developers can quickly and easily set up test and development environments in the cloud that are not subject to the usual limitations of web services. This allows fully fledged Integrated Desktop Environments (IDE) to be made available online and be used by regionally dispersed teams.

The solution is also utilised by software manufacturers and dealers to provide desktops with typical preinstalled software applications as a demo environment for end users. Meanwhile, software manufacturers are even using tocario's deskMate as the basis for creating an online leasing solution, a simulated Software as a Service, from their native software.

For more details, visit or the CODE_n initiative at CeBIT (hall 16, booth D30).

About tocario:
tocario GmbH has been developing and marketing the latest generation of cloud-hosted virtual desktop (HVD) technologies since 2011. With tocario deskMate, the Stuttgart-based company offers a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution "Made in Germany" to small and medium-sized enterprises. The technology, for which a patent is pending, allows any operating system to be used on a virtual desktop, and it is optimised for use with low bandwidths. Data processing takes place in a German data centre, where the highest security standards are observed. In 2013, tocario GmbH was crowned German Software Company of the Year at the Business Excellence Awards for its innovative technology and the business model it operates. More information and a free trial can be found at

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Communication for Leadership
Dorothée Wischnewski
tel.: 06131 / 55 42 889


Security "Made in Germany" - servers, storage and desktops from the cloud

tocario profit bricks

Stuttgart, 06. März 2014. ProfitBricks and tocario offer a joint, next generation solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. Does innovative software technology only come out of Silicon Valley? Not by any means. The German start-ups ProfitBricks and tocario have become partners to prove just the opposite. At CeBIT 2014, the two companies announced a joint solution for SMEs hosted in a high security cloud situated in Germany.

ProfitBricks offers next generation Infrastructure as a Service solutions with a unique graphical administration interface, called Data Center Designer (DCD), which enables enterprise customers to easily and flexibly create their own virtual data centre.

tocario supplies a next generation Desktop-as-a-Service technology, with outstanding capabilities including low bandwidth requirements, as well as the ability to virtualise any x86 operating system as a cloud desktop.

This makes both companies pioneers in their market sectors, even on the international stage, and they have also already been awarded international prizes.

With this joint solution, enterprise customers can subscribe via a portal to both an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from ProfitBricks and a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) from tocario as an integrated solution. This allows companies to administer their cloud infrastructure from a central location, and to flexibly adapt it to accommodate their business requirements. This saves time, effort, and consequently money.

In contrast to the emerging "Managed Services" and outsourcing products, this jointly de-veloped solution is the first to provide a self-managed, fully automated and scalable IT infrastructure. Everything from CPU power, through to the required memory and virtual desktops, can be sourced in a single package from a highly secure German environment.

With their announcement, the two companies now offer a serious alternative to services provided by the industry giants Amazon Web Services and Google, whose dubious practices where data privacy is concerned are regarded with apprehension by European customers.

More information about the companies can be found at:

tocario GmbH ProfitBricks GmbH
Press Contact tocario GmbH

Communication for Leadership
Dorothée Wischnewski
tel.: +49 (0)6131 / 55 42 889
Press Contact ProfitBricks GmbH

Robert Kerschensteiner
PR Manager
tel.: + 49 (0)30 / 939 34 340

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