tocario trueDaaS®

flexible, simple and secure
cloud desktop technology.

Everything you need to provide cloud hosted virtual desktops.
anywhere. any time. to any device.

tocario trueDaaS cloud

tocario trueDaaS®

DaaS true Agility
Deliver on-demand workspaces.
anywhere. any time. to any device.

Starting from one desktop for just one month.
DaaS true Simplicity
Simple and competitive alternative to VDI.

Deliver desktops that beat Citrix, VMware
and Amazon Workspaces on flexibility and
DaaS true Security
Protect your data and applications and
ensure workspace continuity.

backup & recovery. identify & access.
data & HDD encryption.

tocario trueDaaS®

tocario Virtual Desktop Container
access real virtual PC Hardware
instead of just a virtual Windows.

We call it Desktop-Infrastructure-as-Service:
Virtualize any Desktop OS - even Legacy Software - as a cloud service
or enable personal harddisk encryption - that's flexibility and security.

Virtual desktop container tocario

tocario trueDaaS tco tocario trueDaaS any OS tocario trueDaaS bandwidth

Substantial Cost Savings

Deliver any Operating System

Low bandwidth performance

Reduce your costs for delivering cloud desktops to your internal and external customers. tocario addresses all cost areas: virtualization licenses, access licences, administration costs as well as reduced hardware requirements.

Our virtual desktop container technology allows the installation of any Operating System - even Legacy - on the cloud desktop. If you thought virtual desktops were limited to windows - think again.

Choose the best protocol for your use case. You want to offer office workspaces at low bandwidths, tablet access on the go or high performance graphics - we provide the right protocol for your needs.

Desktop-as-a-Service ®Evolution

Next generation virtual desktop technology for

Enterprise Customers


Partners & Service Providers

Your requirements - Our solution
Your requirements
Our solution

Hundreds of satisfied customers and partners work with tocario technology every day

„As database specialists we require a highly available and performant solution.

With deskMate we increased availability, flexibility and security at the same time.”

dbaservices GmbH

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