Digital WorkSpace case studies & Customer use cases

See how trueDaaS helps Service Provider Customers and Enterprise companies to

build flexible and efficient cloud solutions.

trueDaaS based Digital WorkSpaces help your internal and external customers to reduce cost, increase productivity and built efficient high availability solutions. The use cases are very diverse and nearly unlimited – from the 5 man startup to the global Enterprise – from complete outsourcing to special solutions for selected areas.

Learn what solutions trueDaaS providers have built for their customers and its use cases.

Training & Education

An Education Company uses Digital WorkSpaces to provide any device and anytime access to its Students and Training participants.  The ability to have a central installation and flexibly enabling any device access drastically reduces costs and increases productivity. Education simplified.

Software Demo

An Independent Software Vendor (ISV) provides his native software as an online Demo to interested buyers without the need of sending files or remote installation help. The prospects can instantly test and get a feeling for the software. Software sales simplified.

Legacy Applications aaS

A midsize IT Solutions company offers flexibility for Legacy Applications of their customers, by transforming them into an as-a-Service offering as a Managed Service. The customers now have anytime, anywhere access to these old but key applications drastically increasing efficiency. Legacy Applications simplified.

Disaster Recovery

A automotive supplier ensures the high availability of the vital core workspaces and desktops with a mirror Disaster Recovery environment – for a fraction of the cost of traditional setups. Disaster Recovery simplified.

Flexible sales force

A global industry leader in manufacturing equips his sales force and the field service with iPads to increase mobility and flexibility. To ensure the secure access to internal data and resources he uses trueDaaS WorkSpaces. Mobile sales force simplified.

Medical Cloud

A global engineering and electronics company has built a high security private cloud for its company medical personell to have a central environment for the medical data of all global employees. Medical Data Security simplified.

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