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Apexo is the best way to run virtual desktops – anywhere.


virtual PC architecture

This is not VDI.This is virtual PC Hardware.

Apexo is neither Terminal Service, RDSH nor VDI – it is vPC

vPC provides individual virtual PC hardware containers that are running on your data center infrastructure for private enterprise clouds, managed clouds or public clouds.

Some of the advantages of vPC are:

any Operating System.

Virtual Desktops are no longer bound to Windows. With anyOS and anyBoot you are free to choose which operating system you want to offer from the cloud. Even legacy applications running on old operating systems now can be migrated to the cloud.

Network independence.

The network access to a vPC container is completely independent from the network access of the installed operating system in the vPC. This enables high security environments and access control.

HDD and data encryption.

As anyBoot allows you to see the boot screen you are now able to have individual HDD encryption running even on cloud hosted workspaces for the first time in history. This makes Apexo based solutions the most secure virtual desktop and workspace technology on the planet.

Management unity.

The vPC architecture allows tenants to reuse their existing desktop management software. vPC behaves exactly like a physical PC and therefore customers can continue using their existing SCCM, Software and Service Catalog Management.


simple unified management

oneCore management.Take control of every layer.

The turnkey Virtual Desktop solution offering everything from infrastructure management to web based request tools.

Every layer is highly integrated and automated and can be managed from one single pane or API – we call it oneCore.

Some of the advantages of oneCore are:

Portal and API.

Control every layer (cloudStack, managementStack, accessStack) from one single management interface. You have an instant view of your infrastructure resources, partners, customers, users and billing information. All functionalities are also available as RESTful API.


Automation of administration tasks is a big part of the solution. You can even tell the system to automatically onboard new users in 2 minutes without an engineer or sales person even touching the system.

Self service capabilities.

The self service push capabilities of Apexo enable you as a data center operator to allow stakeholders to take over parts of the management task. Your users have more control and gain more insights and your administration team is freed from annoying tasks.


any architecture from one desktop

Scale seamlessly.Scalability begins with one workspace.

Apexo is the most scalable and flexible Cloud Workspace technology in the market.

pureScale gives you unparalleled scalability and flexibility.

Some of the advantages of pureScale are:


Apexo is the only technology enabling installation sizes from just one desktop. Even small niche workspace installations now make sense. For Service Providers this opens up SMB and departmental workloads in an unprecedented way.

Hybrid anywhere.

On-premise, private clouds, managed clouds or public clouds are all working as one. Built centrally controlled hybrid architectures to maximise infrastructure flexibility and scalability.

HDD and data encryption.

With hybrid anywhere your users are able to take their VPC with them to a datacenter near their location. Never worry about latency for traveling or remote users again. Apexo is always local.


Apexo was built as a cloud technology. Multi-tenancy for on-premise has become a huge enabler of security concepts. We have more levels of tenants and no minimum size to give you the possibility of granular management. Build a Zero trust Workspace with micro-segmentation of user groups and users.


Just a browser – no plugins

Instant collaboration.Access and collaborate on any device.

Apexo can be accessed from any device capable of showing a website.

pureWeb technology works without any plug-ins and gives users the freedom of choosing their own device without compromising enterprise security.

Some of the advantages of pureWeb are:

HTML access.

Accessing an Apexo workspace is as easy as opening a web page. Just use any HTML5 enabled browser without the need for any plugin installations. Convenient and highly secure.

WARP protocol.

The Web Access Remote Protocol (WARP) was specifically designed to offer full functionality without the need for installation of any plug-in on the end user device. This allows access even from public terminals.


pureWeb includes comes with instantShare. Just click a button and invite other users to collaborate on your workspace. This is the easiest way of full desktop training and support as well as workspace and license sharing.


live migration of vPCs and storage

Infrastructure flexiblity.Move vPCs anywhere - in realtime.

Migrate live vPCs and storage workloads across servers and even data centers with zero down time.

tocario liveShift is a key technology for creating a dynamic, fully automated, and self optimizing data center.

Some of the key advantages of liveShift are:

vPC liveShift.

Migrate live virtual workspace containers to enable continuous service availability with a complete transaction integrity and zero down time. This is the first technology to enable Virtual Desktop live migration.

storage liveShift.

Migrate live storage data to another storage without the loss of connection. Shift data from central storage to a hyper-converged system and back with the click of a button.


liveShift is a key enabling technology for allowing users to take their vPC with them around the globe to a data center near them. Never worry about latency for traveling or remote users again. Apexo is always local.


data deduplication for memory & storage

Hardware efficiency.Real-time memory and storage deduplication.

Apexo liveFusion is an in-line, content-agnostic data deduplication technology.

liveFusion is a key technology for enabling maximum memory and storage efficiency and reduce hardware costs.

Some of the key advantages of liveFusion are:

Mem liveFusion.

In-line deduplication of memory data with efficiencies of up to 60% deduplication rate. This is the rate you can achieve with Citrix Terminal Services, but with the advantage of real desktops.

Storage liveFusion.

Depending on the storage vendor Apexo enables the direct administration of existing deduplication features. With supported storage vendors Apexo provides deep technology connection feature allowing for up to 80% deduplication rate.

Adaptive architecture.

liveShift and liveFusion are the key enabling technologies to build an hybrid adaptive architecture for virtual workspace environments.


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