DaaS vs. VDI – What is best for my business

Is Desktop as a Service (DaaS) be the next best thing after VDI?

Let’s take a look at the facts.

Everyone has been working on enterprise computing, working with virtual machines and environments.

Local virtual desktop infrastructure environments (VDI) are still the measure of all things. With a steady increase in bandwidth on the network and streamlining of enterprise computing at the same time, a new technology is being deployed, the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) services.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (DaaS)

Virtual Infrastructures gives you the ability to spend a longer amount of time deploying and managing a virtual desktop. The rudimentary requirement is a physical server in the data center, a virtualization software from well-known manufacturers, a virtual machine and off you go.

Despite the advanced technology, the IT team still needs to be deployed.

Without support on the ground it will not work. There is still the issue of managing licenses, hardware and machine distribution.

Desktop as a service (DaaS)

Is DaaS better?

In reality, DaaS isn’t a completely new phenomenon. DaaS is still a VDI. However, this type of VDI refers to a company that deals with the cloud service provider. (Amazon, Azure, tocario etc.)

The clear advantage is obvious. As a company, I no longer have to worry about the resources available in my data center, changes in my internal IT department because the entire environment is provided by my provider and administered by my provider.

DaaS gives you a comprehensive self-service product for the digital workplace. With just a few clicks through the management portal or fully automated via the API, you can achieve user administration, desktop provisioning and administration. With the pay-per-use model, you only pay for what you really use without a fixed contract period.

Who can find DaaS to be very beneficial?

Above all, you will find the education system and schooling in benefitting the most. DaaS services can bring all costs down.

Furthermore, where high turnover rates are expected, DaaS works best because it is so easy to wipe the desktop clean and start anew. An example is in the field of temporary work or in medical practices and hospitals. Furthermore, since there is flexibility and scalability, any companies with 50 or less employees. Even though DaaS also caters to big corporations. DaaS is good for service providers and resellers, as well as the end customer. VDI is mostly found in large corporations, or in institutions with many users.

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