Cloud Workspace.

Enabling growth and new business.

Cloud Workspaces grow your business opportunities and increase
your administration efficiency by closing the gaps of DaaS.

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Real cloud technology.

Apexo was built from the ground up as Cloud-ready Technology.

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Unlock all customers.

Start with your Workspace project from from just one Desktop.

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Support any OS

Roll out workspaces with any OS and even legacy workloads.

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Boost your business

Offer White labelled Cloud Desktops to Partners or Resellers.

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Real cloud technology. 

Apexo was built from the ground up as a Cloud-optimized Technology, which addresses the challenges of  IT-Departments and Service Providers to build private and public Cloud solutions. Customizing decade old technologies will not answer the challenges of tomorrow.

Fully automated cloud platform.

Apexo automates formerly manual processes that where needed to set up new customers, install software or recover data.
Automation and increased self-service capabilities for customers relieve you from annoying administrative tasks.

Cloud micro-tenancy.

Multi-tenancy at another level. A characteristic of Cloud Services is flexibility and scalability for any size of customer. With Apexo based Workspaces you are able to run workspaces from just one desktop on a monthly basis.

Unlock the market. 

Today’s VDI and Terminal Service Technologies are focused on enterprises with 5000 employees plus. Minimum installation sizes start from 100-500 Desktops upwards. True scalability means being able to start from just ONE Desktop. Now you can!

Made for all companies.

We do not discriminate against small and medium businesses. 80%+ of the B2B market are companies with less than 50 employees. Start addressing those customers with a fully automated service.

SMB or Departments.

Small and Medium Businesses are facing digital transformation challenges you can help solving.
Departments with smaller installation sizes are one of the easiest and fastest entry points into major accounts. Start addressing them!

Support any OS. 

VDI and Terminal Service Based Technologies can only deliver certified Windows versions as a virtual Desktop. Deliver Apexo Workspaces and start offering any Linux, older Windows versions, BSD or even Legacy workloads like OS/2 or DOS as real desktops. This opens up 20% of the market currently not addressable with other Technologies.

Legacy problem solved.

Help your customer bringing legacy workloads into the Cloud Age. As trueDaaS delivers virtual PC Hardware you now can get all those old but crucial Legacy Applications virtualized.

Address 100% of your clients.

20%+ of desktop clients are non-Windows installations. Address those workloads and open up a whole new productivity and collaboration potential. Ever tried to tackle full endpoint virtualization? Get the technology to get 100%.

Boost your business. 

As a Service Provider you are currently offering your services directly to your customers. How about not only having your own branded solution but also offering it to your customers? Or even better: opening up smaller IT Resellers as an additional Sales Channel?

Start a new sales channel.

You already have a solid customer base, but there are hundreds of Resellers out there with good customer relations. Join forces with them and broaden your Sales reach significantly.

Offer branded solutions.

Your Cloud Workspace solution will be branded to you. But how about offering OEM Solutions to customers, partners and even to single departments. Cloud WorkSpaces with a personal touch.

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