Start offering Desktop-as-a-Service.
Simple. Fast. High-margin.

As a Service Provider you want to offer Desktop-as-a-Service.Your customers want the best user experience to increase productivity and collaboration.

As a Service Provider you are looking for the best scalability and administration experience.
Look no further. We have everything you want.

Cloud-ready -  turnkey & full-stack.


The rest of the industry talks about multi-tenancy. This helps you to separate workloads of 100 users against each other with a lot of overhead. tocario micro-tenancy allows you to strictly separate workloads of only one desktop against each other.


The biggest gaps in VDI and session host technologies for cloud providers is the absence of end-to-end automation. Apexo is a fully automated desktop infrastructure, which relives IT and support of a lot of mundane tasks.


Start offering self-service to your customers or even partners. The customers are now able to deploy desktops, install software, assign users and manage their part of the infrastructure. Cloud like it should be.

Growth tools included.

Apexo is the only end-to-end turnkey Cloud Desktop technology in the market. Even the Signup-form for new customers is included in the technology and speaks directly to the desktop infrastructure for automatic deployment of desktops.

HA Infrastructure.

Apexo is a Hyper-converged Desktop Infrastructure. You can also opt for a 3 Tier installation. What ever setup you choose the cluster setup will ensure high availability for your whole workspace setup.

Unified management.

oneCore Management is a single portal and API for you to manage every aspect of your desktop cloud. From infrastructure, to virtual machines, to tentants, partners, users and even sales tools - all in one place.

Reseller white label.

Apexo is fully white label ready. But we also included an extra tenancy level - the white label reseller. Offer your data center resources and DaaS to smaller resellers so they can sell your DaaS under their brand.

High security.

Apexo brings all the security features you want and love - and even more. Encryption, data security, IAM, sandboxing, zero trust, IDaaS.... just to name a few.
Read more here.

Any Operating System.

Apexo essentially is IaaS technology for desktop and real-time workloads. That enables you to deliver any operating system and any application as a cloud workspace. Help your customers to solve the legacy apps problem via cloud.

Your path to  Cloud Workspaces.

Considering a Desktop-as-a-Service offering.
Easily offer Desktop-as-a-Service to your partners and customers from a highly automated platform.
Pilot installation
Set up an Apexo instance and test and track the improved efficiency, agility and security.
Scale up
Just add servers and build highly scalable cluster for all your customers.
Proof of concept
See how easy it is to set-up, deploy and manage cloud workspaces, tenants and users.
Productive deployment
Hit the switch and and offer a best in class Desktop-as-a-Service.

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