Cheers to a successful trade show and new business partnerships

The Cloud Expo and our CEO’s presentation „The best way to deliver cloud workspaces from your datacentre”  was a buzz and we are thrilled that our first own booth was such a success. We hope, that we could inspire you and set the base for your digital transformation. In case we need to jog your memory: We are the guys with the flashy LED name tags who deliver growth by offering the only fully automated turnkey solution

Our existing customers and prospects were expressing much enthusiasm regarding our solutions. It seemed that a lot of companies still didn´t find the perfect solution for cloud workspaces/ Desktop-as-a-service. Our visitors were even more pleased when they found out, that tocario is closing the gaps VDI had for decades and offer major benefits over the market leaders VMware and Citrix.

We´d like to take the opportunity to thank all our clients, business partners and prospects that visited our booth at this year`s Cloud Expo. We are very much looking forward to seeing you again at next year`s trade show, but hope to partner up well before that!

To ease your decision whether to enter a partnership with tocario, we have extended our Pilot X offer. That means, if you are under the first 10 new partners to sign an on-site pilot, you`ll receive the iPhoneX as a bonus!

In case you missed the presentation, or want to review, how we deliver growth to your datacenter, click here.

We hope that you enjoyed the exhibition and that you received the answers you were looking for. Until next year @CloudExpoEurope!

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