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Work from Anywhere

tocario, a company that develops end to end cloud desktop infrastructure technology for Service Providers, hits another milestone. After entering public Beta with selected partners, tocario has helped make their cloud desktops software even more flexible by making their hosted trueDaaS infrastructure accessible directly via the web. trueDaaS is now clientless, leveraging HTML5 and is now available to the public. Now partners have a fast, secure and easier than ever solution to deploy cloud workspaces. Built with independent x86 OS infrastructure, trueDaaS can run Windows, Linux, or even legacy operating systems, making it the world’s most flexible cloud workspace technology. tocario’s partners are now able to deliver their customers a truly unique and flexible workspace experience.

What’s new with trueDaaS HTML5 access: 

  • New design with improved look and feel
  • Improved for mobile device functionality 
  • Better key-mappings with switchable keyboard layouts
  • Easier Desktop sharing and collaboration
    • Share a desktop session by sending a link
    • Generate different links for view/control rights
    • Interact with other people on the same desktop (collaboration, support, trainings, etc)

Never be stuck without access

No software client download required and yet still available at your customers fingertips. Customers can use their tablet or mobile device to interact with any software worry free. 

Jump across Operating Systems

Maybe your customers require Windows for some tasks and Linux for others. They can simply spin up new workspace across OS as needed. 

Collaborate like never before with a simple link

Does your customer need tech support or want to give another participant access to their cloud hosted desktop? They can simply send a link to collaborate and interact. Never before has collaboration across devices and Operating Systems been this easy!

tocario’s trueDaaS technology changed the game with it’s independent x86 OS infrastructure. trueDaaS HTML5 now opens up the mobile workspace landscape like never before. Service providers can now support their customer needs while reducing local costs by extending the reach of the cloud workspace. Our customer’s and license partners have already enjoyed the benefits in our private beta , so why aren’t you?

Try out the most flexible cloud workspace technology for yourself with a Free 10 day Pro version Demo. 

Contact usand find out how trueDaaS can extend your cloud to new heights. 

Learn more at 

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