VDI can transform K-12 education but……

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Not only has digitization become part of nearly every school system in the world, it is also changing the way people learn.
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a proven technology that reduces the administrative burden of workplaces and, above all, makes workplaces more flexible.
Virtual desktop infrastructures use centralized virtual desktops located in the education center’s data center or in the data center of a cloud provider instead of physical desktop PCs. These virtual desktops can be accessed flexibly from everywhere and with almost any device even from the student’s private devices. Since the computing power takes place in the data center, the requirements for the end devices are conceivably low and almost independent of the training content.

Centralized management of all training desktops not only saves tremendous administrative costs, but provides flexibility that would not have been possible in distributed structures (e.g., multiple locations).

So what are the reasons that this technology has yet to be established in every K-12 organization?

VDI technologies were originally developed for enterprise companies with thousands of desktops. They are complex in terms of requirements, complex in implementation and complex in administration. There is also an Enterprise Price level for licensing and support.
All these factors make such technologies stoppers for smaller to medium K-12 organizations.
Such organizations need lean, flexible solutions that fit into the IT budget and can be managed with minimal administrative overhead.

One of these solutions is Apexo from Tocario. Apexo is a hyper-convergent, cluster-aware VDI / cloud workspace solution that can be installed by the administrator on a standard X86 server through a guided installation.
The complete administration takes place via a web interface, whereby Apexo can also be completely controlled via API.
The solution is free for <10 operating desktops.

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