Mac OS and Windows rolled into one. Try it now!

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Ever wanted to use Windows for some Applications on your Mac Hardware? Forget installing Parallels or VMware Fusion – we proudly present our brand new Mac OS Client! With this new client you’re more flexible in accessing your deskMate and benefit from many advantages making your work easier. See the following scenarios you will profit from:

The fusion of Mac OS, Windows and Linux. 

From now on, you will have full access to Windows without the need to install it locally on your Mac. Just connect from anywhere and anytime to your deskMate Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops with Windows or Linux as Operating System. All you need is an internet connection. No separate partitions on your Mac, or any hassle with selecting the right Windows licence.

Bring your own… Mac!

Use your private Mac OS devices for business purposes without any risks. Just gain access from your Mac to your workplace. It doesn’t matter, if you are at home, you’re on the way, or you connect fromyour workplace. Now you are able to get access to your Windows workspace from your private Mac – always secure and flexible. deskMate Cloud Hosted Desktops easily integrate into your company workspace like adding a new windows desktop to your internal network.

Test & development or demo? You decide!

Use your Windows test and development or demo environments from your Mac OS devices. Are you a software developer? Do you aim to present your software to customers? With your Mac you can access your Windows development environment or any other IDE or demonstrate the newest version of your Windows software application to your customers. The operating system is no longer an issue you have to struggle with.

Sign up now and download the new Mac OS deskMate Client by logging into the administration portal.

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