digital workspace evolution

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What is the digital workspace evolution? Technology has evolved from dedicated systems to Server based computing to to cloud mobility. Employees more and more expect a consumer-style experience at work, accessing any app or data they need on whichever device they’re carrying with them. On the other hand, IT teams struggle with the cost and complexity of supporting multiple platforms without compromising security.

These contradictory forces are playing out against the background of a broader digital evolution, from a system where companies have worked individually to compete with each another into a more connected cooperative ecosystem where partners are networked together to deliver value to consumers and businesses.

The key to success in this dynamic landscape is the ability to connect previously disconnected data, applications and cloud services via a single technology that is consumer-ready and enterprise-secure.

The Digital WorkSpace evolution

In the past, end users were limited by the operating system or platform that they have had access to (Microsoft Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, iOS). Information and applications were distributed in separate siloes, and the need for syncing or other work-arounds to get data into the right place has hampered productivity.

tocario’s trueDaaS technology helps businesses to successfully compete in the new connected economy that is emerging. The technology supports IT departments to gain control over the rapid changes brought about by consumerization, enables an operating system agnostic approach to apps and data, and provides a fundamental change in the way desktops and applications are used.

At service providers already running services based on trueDaaS the traditional separation between operating systems and applications have been broken down, meaning it’s possible, for example, for an employee to launch a Linux app from an iOS device as easily as from any Android or Microsoft device. As trueDaaS builds virtual PC hardware and does not focus on virtualization of operating systems the capabilities also extend to any productivity or enterprise app regardless of the underlying platform.

Fueling the Growth of the ecosystemAs nemertes researchstated tocario is at the forefront of developing Digital WorkSpace technologies. With unmatched security features the platform still offers the easiest way of managing users and access rights. For employees, single sign-on allows easier access to Desktops with native applications and cloud resources on the go, while multifactor authentication is increasing the security.

For businesses, enhancing flexibility for users is critical. The unique any device / any operating system approach allows the access to virtually any source from a mere web browser without the need of installing additional software. Imagine a workspace where you have a Windows 10 desktop next to SAP on Linux next to a legacy accounting system – all centrally managed and hosted from the cloud.

This digital workspace evolution is enabling a more interconnected business environment to take shape.

What’s coming next?As this evolution in the IT environment takes shape, digital workspaces will allow businesses to break down IT silos and provide a context aware computing experience based on information about the location, user, device, and application.

Digitally enabled businesses will drive the innovation in the economy, partnering in new ways to deliver value. Digital workspace platforms will be at the center of a moving, dynamic and secure IT environment that enables users, data and applications to be more connected, collaborative, and productive from any location, on any device.

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