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Why CloudFest? 

CloudFest, hosted by WorldHostingDays, is a week-long event in the legendary Europa Park in Rust. This is the world-leading conference  for the cloud, hosting and service provider industry. Powerful keynote speakers, cool breakout sessions and the legendary after-parties make CloudFest the “must-see” event of the year.

Cloudfest - Service Provider Growth with Virtual Desktops

Join us for eventful networking parties and get the chance to chat face-to-face with tocario’s leadership team.

Why tocario? 

Traditionally, when thinking about virtual desktops, does VMware and Citrix come to your mind? Visit our booth H12 and we’ll show you, why tocario should pop up first in your mind:

Your company will successfully grow your VDI business with trueDaaS, because we close the gaps of VMware and Citrix technology by offering:

  • Amazon-like workspaces from your data centre
  • Fully-automated, multi-tenancy Desktop-as-a-Service platform
  • A white label solution, boosting your sales power
  • Profit margins >30% even at competitive prices
  • Adress the SMB market through a scalability from 1-1000s of desktops

> Learn more about how we are closing the gaps of VMware and Citrix 

As an official sponsor of the CloudFest, we are extending complimentary tickets to our loyal community members! Network, learn, grow your business or just enjoy the fantastic entertainment.

See you in Rust!

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