Apexo Release 0.9

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Hello Apexo users and Workspace fans. Today we are releasing V0.9 of Apexo Workspaces to the public. Thanks to all of your preview 0.8x testers for your valuable Feedback.

New in Apexo 0.9

  • Configurable keyboard layout: You are now able to change the keyboard layout during initial installation to fit your country settings.
  • Added configuration checks (Email server, …)
  • Added proxy connection checks: automatic or manual via check.php
  • Added logs, alarms and notifications.
  • Added a view of UUID and MAC address of the desktop.
  • For Service Providers: Added Service-Provider managed LDAP settings.
  • Improvement: Configuration wizard.
  • Fixed: Misinterpreted CPU virtualization flags. Now the CPU identification is working properly.
  • Fixed: Captcha now works with upper case input.

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