5 tips on working with external teams

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Many companies will at some point have to work with external teams, whether that is clients, partners, freelancers or external consultants. Usually this means emails being sent back and forth or missing updates. When the project is over it requires capturing all files and documents then restricting previous access from the external people. 

Though collaboration is great it can become stressful and leave holes in your security. When collaborating in the cloud this allows for a secure alternative to traditional methods. Using a Cloud hosted workspace like deskMateallows for them to work from many different mediums including mobile devices. Their work is backed up and always accessible. When the project ends, controlling the data is as simple as reassigning the user in the administration panel. 

Set Goals and Standards

To work effectively you need to provide the criteria which defines the project. This means getting clear on on your needs and the problem you are looking to address. Doing this also allows you to pretest freelancers and consultants before the start of the project. See if they understand the issue to be solved and how the plan to approach them while working externally. This will give you amazing insight into how they plan to work. 

Choose easy to use collaboration technology

Without technology your external workers cannot connect externally or while on the go. Having common tools is important to a smooth working environment.

  • Uberconference: The easiest way to have a conference on whatever device is used, including calling in from a phone. 
  • deskMate: Cloud hosted desktops that allow auto backup, collaboration sharing, simple administration and access to desktops from any connected HTML5 supported device. 
  • Slack: The best way to communicate internally with teams

Give them an FAQ

Create a quick guide that they can refer to if they get stuck. This should include things like where certain information is kept, who to ask what question and what channel are used for communications. Make it as simple and easy as possible to understand.

Communicate frequently

When working with external employees communicating is key to success. There needs to be open and often communication to reduce mistakes and keep up on project schedules. This does not mean you should micro manage because you should trust who you work with. 
Use these 5 insights to extend your business beyond the office. 

If you would like to start a free trial of cloud workspaces you can do so here: deskmate.de

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