Better than VDI.

Closing the gaps of VDI, Terminal Services, and RDS.

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Disrupt your client computingwithout disruption to your business.

Your business is your future. VDI is from 2006.

Apexo is built for the challenges of client computing and virtual desktops in 2019.

Flip the squares below to see how Apexo closes the gaps of existing Virtual Desktop Solutions.

Minimum Size

VDI is available only for installations of more than 100 desktops and starts to make sense from 500 desktops. Small and medium companies are excluded from the benefits of VDI.

Start from one

Start from just one desktop. Scale up and down like your business needs it. On-premise security with Desktop-as-a-Service flexiblity.

VDI is expensive

Building a Desktop infrastructure based on Vmware or Citrix requires a lot of modular licensing and even side licenses from other vendors (Microsoft AD).

Grow from free

Start with Apexo completely free-to-use for small installations. Grow into professional use with our flexible, all-inclusive pay-as-you-grow licensing.

Enterprises only

VMware, Citrix and all others focus on Enterprises with more than 5000 employees. The innovation in VDI reflects this. What about SMBs and departments within enterprises?

For everyone

Apexo brings virtual desktops to any kind and size of business. We democratize an enterprise technology and make it available and managable for everyone

Complex setup

Setting up a VDI needs specialist knowledge. Highly trained people need to configure servers, storage and network to run. Finding the right technology combination needs expert consulting.

Guided installation

Just download the ISO image, and follow the guided on-screen installation process. Setting up virtual desktops is as easy as installing an operating system.

big it project

For VDI the IT department needs to procure and prepare servers, storage and networking. They need to plan staffing. Even a "quick" pilot is weeks and months of preparation and implementation.

turnkey vdi

You just bring hardware - the rest is apexo. Apexo comes as a software appliance that builds its own Hyper-converged Desktop Infrastructure on any server. If you like you can also run it as 3 Tier.

security is complex

To make your desktops highly secure your need a lot of optional licenses and equipment from VMware and Citrix. You need to lock down Microsoft Windows if you are running Terminal Services.

All-in-one security

Apexo provides the highes level of virtual desktop security in the industry. Right out of the box. No optional licenses. All you want - and more - in one simple package.

only windows

All vendors have to rely on Operating System components to establish virtual desktop streaming. That is why there will always be a limited list supported Windows and Linux versions.

Any x86 OS

Apexo helps you capture 100% of your company workloads. Convert any x86 operating system - including legacy - into a virtual desktop.

limited automation

Automation with VMware and Citrix is limited and fragmented. You can automate certain actions on the desktop layer but not the infrastructure layer. Even setting up a desktop is manual.

Cloud ready

Apexo supports fully automated administration of the virtual desktop infrastructure layer. The technology was born in the cloud and now brings cloud automation to on-premise.

limited multi tenancy

The old technolgies were designed in a pre-cloud age. Even with updates there is still limited multi-tenancy, limited self-service and limited automation.

cloud born

Apexo was born in the cloud. With multi-level multi-tenancy it brings high security sandboxing, modular cost charging and billing, Identity and access management, and even white labelling out-of-the-box.

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